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Rome! Thou Art No More!
Poetry by Mrs. Hemans

One of sixty-eight pieces bound in “The Shower of Pearls : A collection of the most beautiful duets, for two sopranos, soprano and alto, soprano and tenor, soprano and bass, and tenor and bass, arranged with an accompaniment for the piano-forte.”

Boston. Published by Oliver Ditson & Co. 277 Washington Street

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Rome, Rome! thou art no more
As thou hast been!
On thy seven hills of yore
Thous sat'st a Queen.
Thou had'st thy triumphs then,
Purpling the street,
Princes and sceptered men
Bowed at thy feet.
Rome, Rome! thou art no more
As thou hast been!
No, no, no more as thou hast been!

Rome! thine imperial brow
never shall rise:
What hast thou left thee now?
Thou hast thy skies!
Blue, deeply blue, they are,
Gloriously bright!
Veiling thy wastes area
With colored light.
Rome, Rome, &c.

Thou hast the sunset's glow,
Rome, for thy dower,
Flushing tall cypress bough,
Temple and tower!
And all sweet sounds are thine,
Lovely to hear,
While night, o'er tomb and shrine,
Rests darkly clear.
Rome, Rome, &c.

Many a solemn hymn,
By starlight sung,
Sweeps through the arches dim,
Thy wrecks among.
Many a flute's low swell,
On thy soft air
Lingers, and loves to dwell
With summer there.
Rome, Rome &c.

Thou hast fair forms that move
with queenly tread;
Thous hast proud fanes above
Thy mighty dead.
Yet wears thy Tiber's shore
A mournful mien:
Rome, Rome! thou art no more
As thou hast been!
Rome, Rome &c.



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