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Publication Date

Spring 1980


Student literary journal published at Connecticut College.

Editor-in-Chief: Lois Mendez

Associate Editors: Carolyn Abbott, Charlene DiCalogero, Lise Kritzer, Sterling North, Jon Ramin

Academic Adviser: Frederic V. Bogel

Printer: Curry Copy Center

Cover Design: Tom Proulx

Calligraphy: Lois Mendez

Photographs and Illustrations: Kim Fair, Robert Miceli, Karen Bachelder, Lois Mendez, Cathy Sponagle, Katherine Gould, Tom Proulx


  • Colorless Cubes of Thought - Carolyn Abbott
  • Morning Joggers - Karen Frankian
  • Signora Sanminiatelli - Natalie Ward
  • Having Traveled Poems - Jim Sparrell
  • The Suicide of Charlie Kane Which Occured On A Preplanned Date - Jason Baum
  • Robbie - George Bacharach
  • (Camelia Shadows) - Anna Heffernan
  • The Ax-Man - Aron Abrams
  • Bill - Davis Schwartz
  • On the Highway - Elizabeth Child
  • At the Edge Between Here and There - Herta Joslin
  • Ode of an Indulger - Krisztina Botond
  • Dawn in an Oklahoma Quality Inn - Sara Townsend
  • Vision - Herta Joslin
  • Composed in a College Library on April 27, 1979 During the Connecticut Rains - Rhonda Russian
  • Fleabane - Beth Burke
  • Unreal Spring - Carolyn Abbott
  • (Stillborn) - Anna Heffernan
  • Chiaroscuro - Karen Frankian
  • Shadow Box - Lise Kritzer
  • Dressing Poetry - Carolyn Abbott
  • Far From the Sea - Aron Abrams

Disclaimer: Some of these resources may contain offensive language or negative stereotypes. Such materials should be seen in the context of the time period and for their research value in documenting attitudes of their era. The items are part of the historical record, and do not represent the views of the Lear Center or Connecticut College.



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