Department Chair: Kenneth Prestininzi

The College's theater program emphasizes both performance and study of literature and theory. We will challenge students to work in all elements of theater - acting, directing, playwriting, design, technical theater, dramaturgy and dramatic literature - so that they understand and engage in the process of creating theater, from initial creative spark to performance and post-performance evaluation and criticism.

We believe that the most powerful theater arises from collaborations based on mutual respect, engaged and active investigation of the breadth of the art form’s elements, and that the power of a creative ensemble is greater than the sum of its parts.

We seek to balance the experiential and intuitive development of students in the studio and on the stage with their intellectual and scholarly development in the classroom; in this way we provide students with multiple opportunities to truly deepen their individual creative abilities.

We believe that a broad liberal arts education in theater produces graduates who are adaptable and self-directed. They are strong communicators, curious and disciplined learners and creative and team-oriented collaborators. Theater study and training is ideal preparation for a life as an engaged citizen of the world, and serves as a foundation for future development as thinking artists and productive members of society.


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