Koiné 1953



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This is a digitized version of Koiné, the student yearbook of Connecticut College for Women. It has been divided into sections for ease of access.

To download a copy of the entire book, use the "full-text" link - these files are large and may take some time.

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New London, CT


Due to an optimal character recognition (OCR) error in scanning, the names of seniors may not appear in search results. We have included these names below for purposes of discovery:

Sidney Coles Allen

Cynthia Jackson Bassett

Anne Merrill Becker

Susan Bennetto

Loretta Berry

Joan Dixon Bloomer

Eva Margaret-Erika Bluman

Dorothy Claire Bomer

Eleanor Devereaux

Brennan Alice Bronson

Susan Brown

Patricia Anne Browne

Laura Vail Button

Nancy Camp

Mary Lee Cantwell

Suzanne Carver

Jean C. Chandler

Patricia Anne Chase

Beverly Ann Church

Mary-Joan Roey Churchward

Nancy Ann Clark

Janice Cleary

Julia Whitla Clinger

Phyllis Ann Coffin

Nancy Lorraine Crouch

Nina Davis

Aspasea Deligeorges

Conaire Donnel

Anne Louise Dorsey

Alice Dreifuss

Hildegarde Drexl

Constance Duane

Eugenia Eacker

Joan Eash

Aleeta Englebert

Betty-Jane Englander

Christine Wen

Annellen Fine

Mary-Zita Flaherty

Joan Fluegelman

Emily Harriet Fonda

Elaine Truitt Fridlund

Gladys Amorette Frink

Doris M. Furlow

Jean Caroline Gallup

Katharine Seward Gardner

Jeanne Chalmers Garrett

Carol Louise Gerard

Barbara Fritschi Gibbons

Stephanie Glicksberg

Judith Goldenkoff

Christine Ann Gomes

Joan Graebe

Ann Caperton Gordon

Jane Banks Graham

Jean Ann Hallows

Elizabeth Milton Hamilton

Jocelyn A. Haven

Joyce Adair Heissenbuttel

Frederica Hines

Clara Jane Hirsch

Sheila Horton

Ann Hosmer

Nancy E. Hudson

Mary White Hume

Ann Hutchison

Marion Hyde

Mary Whipple Ireland

Ellen Israel

Diana Jackson

Linda L. Jacobson

Elizabeth Johnson

Loel A. Kaiser

Kathryn L. Kalkhof

Aloise Kanjorski

Rhoda Berman Kaufman

Patricia Ann Kohl

Elizabeth Kotsrean

Laurine E. Kunkel

Nancy Laffer

Barbara Lammert

Sally Thatcher Lane

Jean Carol Leister

Marguerite E. Lewis

Dominique Louis-Dreyfus

Bonnie Anne MacGregor

Martha Perry Macquarrie

Susan B. Manley

Anne Louise Marcus

Barbara Cecile Marks

Elinor Noble Martinez

Roseline Marut

Mary Ann McClements

Mary Jane McCorison

Barbara Craigen Mehldau

L. Virginia Menghi

Sara Ann Metzger

Joan Milner

Judith Morse

Mary E. Mott

Patricia Ruth Mottram

Jane Muddle

Ruth Mary Nissen

Aloise O'Brien

Cynthia R. Orndorff

Alice C. Osborn

Barbara Jean Painton

Barbara Hunt Perdun

Janet Perry

Joan Arlene Pickus

Helen Louise Pleasance

Phyllis Pledger

Mary Lee Prentis

Susan B. Rausch

Lydia Richards

Christie Rinehart

Kathryn Ann Roche

Janet E. Roesch

Jane Rosen

Marlayne E. Roth

Janet V. Rourke

Mae Rubinstein

Joan Rudberg

Teresa Ann Ruffolo

Beverly Jean Sandbach

Margery Ann Satz

Ruth JOan Schaal

Caryl Scheinert

Christina Schmidt

Betty Ann Schneider

Frederica Ann Schneider

Nancy Sibley Schoeffel

Marlene Schutt

Pamela Scott

Marion Skerker

Martha Smith

Joanne Starr

Dell Stone

Marion Streett

Patricia Ann Taussig

Frances Lucia Ann Toro

Allis June Van Voorhis

Lois Waite

Ann Tartt Walthour

Laura Lynn Ward

Audrey Neal Watkins

Susan Dorothy Weinberg

Leta Weiss

Joyce A. Weller

Mary Lou Weppner

Mary Frances Wilcox

Anne B. Wilson

Virginia Wilson

Sarah Williamson Wing

Cynthia J. Worsley

Sally B. Zellers

These digital collections have been created from historical documents that reflect the sensibilities of creators in historical times and may contain opinions, language, images, or other content that modern readers may find offensive. The Lear Center and Connecticut College do not endorse the attitudes expressed therein. The Lear Center presents these documents as part of the historical record and recognizes the imperative not to alter it. In some cases, it may be possible to add notes or comments correcting verified errors, but these exceptions will not be applied in a way that changes the appearance of the authentic record.

Koiné 1953