Koiné 1987



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This is a digitized version of Koiné, the student yearbook of Connecticut College for Women. It has been divided into sections for ease of access.

To download a copy of the entire book, use the "full-text" link - these files are large and may take some time.

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New London, CT


Due to an optical character recognition (OCR) error in scanning, the names of seniors may not appear in search results. We have included these names below for purposes of discovery:

Andrew Alcosser

Dana Scott Belcher

Carol Yarnell Shanks

Valerie C. Courreges

Lisa Del Papa

Shannon Sullivan

Christopher Burrell

Robert W. Esmond

Christi Fraser

Tracey Finer

Karen T. Frey

Steven Cain

Chris Bucco

Erin E. Gilligan

Jyllene Lochner

Michael Proulx

Christine N. Turner

Marjorie A. McEvoy

Karen Elizabeth Moran

Janet M. Sellge

Kimberly Thomson Lane

Marc Oliver Manser

Heidi Holst Knudsen

Renee Kempler

Greg Ewing

Diana G. Zimmerman

Amy Higgins

Bill Rieders

Julie Beth Turner

Daryl Evans Smith

Liza Beth McLaughlin

Jeff Buckley

Matthew Tuck

Edward Lovejoy

Edward Ranney

Matthew Teare

Chris Hobson

Caarin Fleischmann

Susan M. Santis

Andrea G. Saltzberg

Kate M. McDonough

These digital collections have been created from historical documents that reflect the sensibilities of creators in historical times and may contain opinions, language, images, or other content that modern readers may find offensive. The Lear Center and Connecticut College do not endorse the attitudes expressed therein. The Lear Center presents these documents as part of the historical record and recognizes the imperative not to alter it. In some cases, it may be possible to add notes or comments correcting verified errors, but these exceptions will not be applied in a way that changes the appearance of the authentic record.

Koiné 1987