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Published by the Connecticut College Alumnae Association.


  • The Inner Eye: the crisis of American liberalism - Carol Lashine '69; black womanhood conference; marine biology - Susan E. Bear '71; eye-music - Christina P. Burnham '69; the zeiss 9a electronic microscope - Janet L. Bouchard '69; the special studies period - Deborah Finkel '71; religion for the symbol-minded - Katie O'Sullivan See '70; the birth of community government - Katherine Montgomery '69
  • New Special Funds for AAGP Giving
  • To Think of Dean Noyes Retiring - Alice E. Johnson
  • Alumnae Council 1969
  • Retirements - Warrine Eastburn, James Stuart Dendy, L. Aileen Hostinsky
  • Class Reunion Schedule Classnotes -four years later - Janet L. Bouchard, Christina Pemmerl Burnham, Carol Lashine, Katherine R. Montgomery
  • Double-Crostic - Mary Farrell Morse



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