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Summer 1974


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association.


  • Class of 1919 Gave Official Approval to Coeducation by Louise Andersen '41
  • "demands," "rights," psychedelic drugs, "sex revolution," bare feet, long hair-Borne, Adjusted to, and Sometimes Treated by Mary N. Hall, M.D. '41
  • He Greeted 4,541 Freshmen Selected from 18,278 Candidates by Jeanette B. Hersey
  • When Students Were Indeed Heard All Over the Land by Alice E. Johnson
  • Growth in Academic Reputation, in Strength and Confidence, and in Responsiveness to Students by Philip H. Jordan, Jr.
  • He Linked the Campus As It Was to the Campus It Will Become by Margaret L. Thomson
  • How Well We Recall the Traumas Created by the Term "Open Parietals"! by Eleanor H. Voorhees
  • Commencement by Katherine A. Powell '74
  • Reunion Report by Eleanor Hine Kranz '34
  • Phi Beta Kappa Convocation by Charles E. Shain
  • How Many Do You Recognize?
  • Round & About
  • Recommended Reading
  • The Club Circuit
  • In the Mailbox
  • Class Notes



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