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Spring 1975


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association.


  • France Today by Alix Deguise
  • Patron and Pilgrim: Two Faces of Romanesque by Nancy Rash Fabbri
  • Lettres de la Loire by Edith Glassenberg Gipstein M.A. '59
  • Roman Provencia by Mary Lord
  • Painters of Southern France by Charles T. Price
  • Touraine and the French Writers: From Rabelais to Balzac by Pierre E. Deguise
  • The Catharists and the Albigensian Crusade by James H. Williston
  • An Acorn in the Sandbox by Louise K. Ames
  • Two for the Price of One, a quiz and a reading list
  • In the Mailbox
  • Philip H. Jordan by Alice E. Johnson
  • Round&About
  • Class Notes



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