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Fall 1979


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association.


  • Ten years of coeducation
  • The odds were overwhelming - Allen T. Carroll '73
  • The right place at the right time - Michael J. Farrar '73
  • Forever transformed - Jay B. Levin '73
  • Fears were unwarranted - Jeffrey Simpson '77
  • Emerging modestly from a sports car - Peggie Ford '73
  • The joy of the purely platonic - Sarah Firth '80
  • Fifty years of plans, shocks and calamities - Gertrude E. Noyes '25
  • But they were glorious men - Alice Johnson
  • Mortals with feet of clay - Richard Birdsall
  • Round & About
  • Letters
  • In Memoriam
  • Class Notes

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