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Publication Date

Spring 1997


Official publication of the Connecticut College Alumni Association and Connecticut College.


Special Issue

  • The Path to Unity - Judy Kirmmse
  • "Two-ness": The Riddle of a Diverse Community - Roberto N. Ifill
  • The Dancer's Vision - Steven Slosberg
  • The Centrality of History - Lisa Brownell


  • President's Page: E pluribus unum - the source of our diversity
  • Word for Word: The need for environmental fortitude; other letters
  • Campus View: SGA tums 80; safe surfing; engaging club governance; more
  • Notes from the Field: Life in Paris isn't all strolls down the Champs-Elysees
  • Verbatim: Vincent Harding on the Martin Luther King, Jr. we don't know
  • Chapter and Verse: The power of the neomexicano pen; other new books
  • Portfolio: Less "techno blab" at the Sixth Biennial A&T Symposium
  • A Time to Lead: Endowment tops $100 million; additional campaign news
  • Class Notes
  • Peers: A "bigwheel" in the cheese business and a pioneer in science
  • Last Look: Read any good trees lately?



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