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Winter 2003


CC: Connecticut College Magazine is published by Connecticut College. The magazine's mission is to maintain ties between the college, its alumni and all other constituents, and to report on issues of importance to these groups.


  • MUSEUM STUDIES IN A NUTSHELL: CC students are saving the legacy of a unique collection and a woman who captured the imagination of people nationwide - Christine Woodside
  • TESTING THE LIMITS OF TABOOS IN THE GERMAN REPUBLIC: David F. Patton, associate professor of government, reveals how mainstream German leaders are less constrained by the memories of the past
  • SEARCHING FOR THE REMOTE: THE TECHNOPHOBE'S EMPTY NEST: A technologically-challenged parent prepares to go it alone - Barbara Bellinger Buchholz '71
  • POP QUIZ: Put yourself to the test again with a few questions from your old professors
  • TRANSFORMATIONS: Giving opportunities at the college
  • CC: notebook
  • letters
  • first column
  • international journal
  • South African safari
  • a lesson in backgammon & friendship
  • the Russian view of AIDS
  • women's conference in Uganda
  • from Vietnam to China
  • short course in terrorism
  • dollars and sense
  • from Hanoi to New London
  • Fulbright scholar
  • arts scrapbook
  • new energy in athletics
  • CC: class notes
  • CC: ink
  • CC: people
  • CC: scene



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