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Winter 2-2024


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  • Lee Eisenberg Does It Again: The Hollywood writer-producer had his best year yet. He has no intention of taking a break
  • Americana Anonymous: A student-curated exhibition puts the focus on the working poor at the turn of the 20th century
  • Mind the (Income) Gap: Income inequality is at its greatest since the Gilded Age. Professor Mark Stelzner explains why
  • Save Something Small: Katharine Parsons ’74 tells the story of the people who save beloved pets from wildfire burn zones
  • Mr. Stevens Goes to Hollywood: Tim Stevens ’03 arrives fashionably late to the 29th Critics’ Choice Awards
  • Notebook: Solar bloom, In the Round, National Medal of Science, In the Box, Stark Center opens, Connecticut Blood, Hendricks at the Frick, Fast Car, Ink & Tracks
  • Class Notes
  • Full Stop: A Close Call

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