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Spring 4-2024


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  • Precious Cargo: Marsha Williams ’81 crisscrosses the globe transporting hope in the form of bone marrow and stem cells
  • Monkey See, Monkey Remember?: Christopher Krupenye ’11 proves humans’ closest relatives can recognize friends they haven’t seen for decades
  • Adobe Mission: Professor Emeritus Frank Graziano is working to preserve New Mexico’s cultural heritage one historic church at a time.
  • I Can’t Live Without My Radio: Appealing to eclectic music lovers everywhere, WCNI thrives even in the era of Big Streaming.
  • Notebook: West African dance, In the Round, Watsons and a Fulbright, campus construction, Principal on Wheels, Ink & Tracks, Effigy, Grief Is for People, Professors Are Not the Problem, twotime national champ, The President-elect
  • Class Notes
  • Full Stop: Douglass Day Transcribe-a-thon

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