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Sunil Bhatia

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American young adults face a variety of unusual circumstances in the twenty-first century from increased globalization in the workplace to shifting notions of what it means to have a twenty-first century career. The notion of emerging adulthood gives young adults a framework to explore potential futures without forcing them to choose immediately, but is not wholly inclusive of all races, classes, and genders. This thesis seeks to reinforce the importance of narrative and narrative research to understanding both the notion of emerging adulthood and the notion of career in the United States. Certain cultural components of emerging adulthood and career provide intriguing insight into the direction in which young adult and work culture in the United States are headed. Through greater narrative research, it will be possible to understand these cultural components and individual variations in the emerging adult and career experiences of today’s American young people. With this knowledge in hand, it will be possible to predict how young adult and employment culture will change in the years to come.



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