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I interned for Boston College’s Research Program on Children and Adversity. This labs mission is to perform research projects that aim to understand the risks and resilience of children living with different forms of adversity. Some projects focused on post conflict mental health, poverty, and infectious disease. The projects are mainly based out of Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and the US.

As an intern, I worked under a project manager. Some of my occasional tasks included administrative tasks such as uploading research hub submissions and updating batteries for the research participants. Additionally, I completed a summer long literature review on mental health in sub-saharan and western Africa, post-conflict settings, and low-income countries. My largest responsibility coding qualitative data with the end goal of designing a code book to serve as a reference for future coding of focus groups for the study I was tasked with. Finally, I was responsible for reading articles of randomized control trials and other methodologies for discussion.


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