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While working at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History I was able to partake and be a part of almost every part of the museum. When first getting there (2 weeks before the museum fully opened for the summer) I did a lot of help with setting things up, making sure the museum was in tip top shape for the public. This taught me everything about just what it takes to not only run the museum, but all the small things you wouldn’t normally think about that need to happen to keep it running smooth. After the museum was up and running, while I was still around to fix things and keep things running, I would work in certain rooms of the museum, talking about whatever was in there (whether it be the aquarium, or the bird room etc). I would also help feed and clean the tanks in the aquarium. AS the summer went on, I did more outside work, including working in the butterfly garden, and giving some outside tours of the property and down the hiking trails. I was also fortunate enough to be able to work at the science camp that was running the entire summer. This was a day camp for the kids where they would come in and you would go on hikes, and teach them all about environmental science by doing fun experiments. I believe the large mix of doing everything around the museum was not only a great way to understand the museum, but helped me take full advantage of my summer and my opportunity to have the internship.

This internship provided me with more people skills, and how to interact in a more mature environment. Learning this, plus all the ins and outs within a museum and all it takes to run, showed me just how important every single person is.


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