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Sprout Garden is a student-run micro-farm/garden on-campus in which students practice farming and gardening, gain hands-on experience with small-scale agriculture, and provide organic produce for the New London community.

In this internship, interns developed and farmed a ½ acre micro-farm (expanded Sprout Garden), with produce distributed through a sliding-scale community-supported agriculture (CSA) program. Tasks included prepping the ground for planting, weeding, laying out irrigation, routine farm maintenance, harvesting and washing produce, packing CSA shares, and operating a produce stand at a Farmers Market. We also went on field trips to local farms and gardens, hiking, and led farming workshops for New London youth.

I would highly recommend this internship to any CC student who is interested in gardening, farming, botany, and or agriculture. It provides hands-on experience in farming, gardening, botany, etc. and the Supervisor, Professor Vukicevich is amazing to work with and extremely knowledgeable in his field. He has brought about so much needed change to the Sprout Garden and is always looking for more future farmers.


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