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I completed the 8-week sustainability analyst training program and became certified as a sustainability analyst. In this course I attended weekly lectures given by the founder of the organization, where I learned about a range of topics relating to corporate sustainability, supply chains, greenwashing, and design for sustainability. I also took on an additional role as the Instagram Editor, and was in charge of managing the Instagram team and supervising the creation of content for our social media. Within this role I handled a range of projects, including leading weekly meetings, content ideation, content creation, and event planning.

I would highly recommend this internship to another student. I truly believe that this organization is on the cutting edge of a blossoming industry, one which fulfills the consumer need of easily accessible information that can help cut through the corporate jargon that often is environmentally degrading practices. As climate change continues to pose a grave threat, sustainability will become an increasingly important consumer demand. Becoming trained on how to recognize real vs. fake sustainable practices is a skillset that many employers are currently and will be increasingly looking for in future employees.


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