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I worked at the Zinn Education Project which was run through Teaching for Change. The Zinn Education Project creates free history curricula that K-12 teachers can utilize in their classrooms. The curricula, inspired by the teachings of Howard Zinn, de-centers harmful and inaccurate narratives and shifts the focus to give a voice to everyday people. While developing curricula is one of the main focuses of ZEP, they recognize that educational work is not sterile and that it is intimately connected with outside of the classroom. ZEP organized protests to give teachers fired for teaching CRT a voice on the national level, led workshops for teachers and youth to learn more about Reconstruction or social justice writing, and overall, fostered a community of people passionate about accurate and representative histories. Teaching for Change also writes and publishes social justice book reviews which give teachers and parents a good idea of the ethics and politics of certain children's books.


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