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The New England Center for Children is a school for children (and some adults) with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I worked in the residential program, which allows students to live away from home and receive Applied Behavior Analysis services 24/7. NECC also serves as a research facility which has made impressive advancements in the field of Autism education. Since my placement was in the residential program, I worked day shifts at the school campus and evening/weekend shifts at a nearby home. I worked with nine students, all of whom were boys between the ages of twelve and fifteen. Some of the students were nonverbal, and many used Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices to express themselves. The students all had Individualized Education Plans, and part of my job was running classes with students to help them meet their IEP goals. Additionally, while at the residence, I assisted the students in completing Activities of Daily Living (showering, brushing teeth).


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