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Boston, Massachusetts

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The Huntington Theatre Company is a leading regional and professional theater company in Boston, Massachusetts. It strives to create new and classic theatrical productions that challenge audiences and support artistic expression. The company places value in artistic excellence, communication, community, diversity, education, financial responsibility, radical hospitality, and respect. I worked with the nonprofit to create contract draft templates for actors, designers, and directors and contributed to the company’s overarching organization. I supported the general management team in updating artists’ databases and helped with special projects as assigned. I would recommend this internship at a medium-high level. I learned a lot within the field of arts management which was my goal for this summer. The people at the company were welcoming and helpful in all respects. They were willing to answer my questions and sit down with me to discuss my future. The one downside I would say is that it was a slightly more technical internship than I had assumed it would be. I went into it assuming it would be creativity based but it was more finance focused. This is definitely important for potential interns to know going into it.


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