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Groton, MA

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Grotonwood is a camp that offers one and two-week camping sessions for adults with mild to moderate cognitive, developmental, and physical disabilities. They operate for a total of 8 weeks during the summertime and they host small weekend retreats for these adults during the fall and winter seasons. Grotonwood also has a youth program that primarily consists of children who come from under-resourced communities, like children who are in foster care. As a medical assistant, I worked directly under the supervision of our nurse manager. I worked among RNs, LPNs, and other medical assistants. We were responsible for all the medication for every camper that was on site, both adults and children. We would work from 6am to about 9pm, and then remain “on call and onsite” at night. When not preparing or administering medications we would prep for the following weeks’ campers by calling their physicians and caregivers to then formulate an accurate medication administration record for that camper. We would also triage any injuries or illnesses that occurred among the adult campers, youth campers, and staff.


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