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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Brief description of the organization where you interned:

Frej is a Think Tank based in Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark) that works to build a bridge between cities and the countryside, creating an interdisciplinary movement where solutions and actions to issues of climate change, health and animal welfare can be found. Frej focuses on meeting these goals through dialogue, understanding, and mutual respect between farmers, consumers, companies, authorities, researchers and interest organizations. Some of its long-term projects include Frej Explains, From Soil to School Table, and the Young Farmer Network. The organization functions via the collaboration of young people in the form of an executive board, interns, and volunteers who come from educational and career backgrounds ranging from journalism and film, farming and agriculture, to political science and law.

Brief description of your responsibilities:

Interning as a Volunteer Coordinator Assistant included the planning and execution of political events and SoMe content, such as activities within Madens Folkemøde (Food’s People’s Meeting), Folkemødet på Bornholm (People’s Meeting on Bornholm), and Roskilde (Music) Festival. Some specific examples of tasks include developing activities such as an educational “fish” bingo and a “legume horoscope” completely from scratch. All of the internship was completed in Danish.

Were you offered a full-time job through this internship? If yes, did you accept it?

I was not offered a full-time job, however I was invited back to complete another summer internship.

Would you recommend this internship to another CC student?

I would recommend this internship to anyone interested in the Sustainability Pathway or a major in Environmental Science. While all the coworkers speak English, however, all of the work is conducted in Danish.

Recommendation-level: medium


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