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The Abe Lyman Orchestra

Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York, Detroit

Copyright MCMXXIV by Jerome H. Remick & Co., New York & Detroit


  1. “There’s Yes! Yes In Your Eyes” sample, by Cliff Friend. Back Page.

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[Verse 1]
Far far away on a sunkiss’d isle
Lives the one that I adore
Where moonbeams play on the distant bay
There I long to be once more
Strolling ‘neath the oriental moon
Each night you’ll find me for, very soon

[Verse 2]
In Mandalay so the poets say
There’s a land where dreams come true
Each night and day since I’ve been away
All have been so sad and blue
Oriental breezes whisper low
Someone’s still waiting that’s why I know

I’ll sail away to Mandalay
Where the charms of someone’s arms are calling me
And there I know I'll plan to stay
With the one who’s waiting patiently
Beside a steam where roses dream
I’ll build a nest that’s blest with love and happiness
I’ll hide away in Mandalay
And for aye I will stay
In Mandalay, I’ll lay


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