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Atmospheric pollution is a global concern, with consequences to human and environmental health, as well as economic and social factors of society. This air pollution is often at elevated levels in large cities, with all of the traffic and often industrial activity contained in small areas. This is the case for both Seoul, South Korea, and Los Angeles, California. Both cities are notorious for their air pollution, resulting from different sources both anthropogenic and more natural–like wildfires and dust storms. The present study aims to ascertain the extent to which citizens of both cities are aware of air pollution and its negative effects by examining the content of common newspapers in each city, to see how frequently pollution is discussed and how. The Los Angeles Times published more articles on air pollution than Chosun Ilbo (조선일보), discussed more different types of air pollution, and looked at the issue with multiple perspectives. There was a large gap in air pollution information and discussion between the two newspapers, which could potentially lead to a large gap in awareness of the global issue between the two cities. This could hinder mitigation attempts by detracting from public support for and understanding of governmental mitigation policies, and could cause increased anxiety over the issue without providing solutions.



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