Submission Guidelines for CISLA Senior Integrative Projects

Optional Step 1: Create an account at (this is not necessary for posting your SIP, but it will give you access to how many people are downloading your paper, where they are coming from, and what universities, government agencies, etc. they belong to)
Step 2: Go to and look for the Submit Research link under the Author Corner heading on the right-hand side of the page
Step 3: Fill out the required fields.
  • If you created a Digital Commons account and logged in, the Author field will be prepopulated.
  • For Publication Date just put the year.
  • For Document Type, Senior Integrative Project is preselected. If you leave this as is, the SIP will be accessible to researchers anywhere. If you want your SIP restricted to campus, change the DocType to Restricted. Keywords, Abstract, Disciplines, and Comments are optional fields. They can help researchers find your paper but are not necessary.
  • If you want, choose a Creative Commons License. These are designed to grant researchers broader latitude for using or distributing your paper than what is generally allowed under US copyright law. If you choose nothing, researchers will only be allowed to read and quote from the paper to the extent that copyright law allows. Most authors do not choose a CC License.
  • Do not check the peer-reviewed box.
  • Click Upload file from your computer and attach the file. Digital Commons will convert Word or Powerpoint files to pdf. Nevertheless, it's probably best to save your SIP as a pdf and check it to make sure the formatting is correct and upload that file.
  • If you have additional files, like audio, video, data sets, etc. click the box after Additional Files. Once you submit your work, you will have the option of adding those files.
Step 4: Click Submit.
Step 5: On the next page, make sure the box next to your SIP has been checked and click Publish and Update selected.

If you later realize that you made a typo or otherwise want to make changes to the information you entered (like for example you want to restrict or unrestrict your SIP). Contact CISLA staff and they will be able to make those edits.