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Publication Date

Spring 1979


Student literary magazine published at Connecticut College.


  • Greg Benoit
  • James Francese
  • Graham Gavert
  • Elizabeth Kunnreuther
  • Meg Largey
  • Rutrell Martin
  • Michael Sittenfeld
  • Tamara Vertefeuille
  • Doretta Wildes

Table of Contents

  • Boogie Nights - Jonathan Ramin
  • Still Life - Aron Abrams
  • The Artful Dunkers - Greg Benoit
  • Merely a Player - Michael Sittenfeld
  • Everything Washes Up Here - Mishael Sladden
  • Arrows - Doretta Wildes
  • The Tide - Lois Mendez
  • The Yo-Yo - Lois Mendez
  • Self Portrait - James Francese
  • A Taste of Well Water - John Ayers
  • Vienna in 1910 - Evan Stone
  • Rasputista - Evan Stone
  • Before You Regret It - Patricia Doddona
  • Garden Crown - John Ayers
  • The Clinic Volunteer - Doretta Wildes
  • Shoreline Recycling - Graham Gavert
  • Interplay - Peter O'Connor
  • Untitled - James Francese
  • Your Smiling Eyes - Peter O'Connor
  • Rescued - Patricia Daddona
  • Loss - Patricia Daddona
  • Ballade: The Woodpile - Doretta Wildes
  • Red and Green Tropic - Doretta Wildes
  • Cover Design: Meg Largey

Academic Advisor: Mr. F. V. Bogel

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