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Student literary journal published at Connecticut College.


  • EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Ernestine Herman '34
  • ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Marjorie Seymour '33; Alma Bennett '33; Esther Tyler '33; Vera Warde '34; Ann Crocker '34
  • BUSINESS MANAGER: Winifred De Forrest '33
  • ASSISTANTS: Hazel Depew '35; Anne Fowler '34
  • SUBSCRIPTION MANAGER: Patricia Mac Manus '35
  • ART EDITOR: Marjorie Bishop '34


  • Character Sketch - Vera Warde '34
  • They Asked For Stones - Margaret Hazelwood '33
  • And Napoleon - Esther Tyler '33
  • Luncheon at C. C. - Jean B. Neal '32
  • On Huxley - Vare Warde '34
  • To a Young Man - Marjorie Seymour '33
  • The Better Part of Valor - Marjorie Seymour '33
  • Yankee Sketches - Serena Blodgett '34
  • The Steadfast Beacon - Louise Sales '33
  • Song of the Red Wings - Mary Scott '32
  • Resume - Margaret Hazelwood '32
  • Don Marquis - Esther Tyler '33
  • Three Riders - Dorothy Luer '34

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