Koiné 1990



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This is a digitized version of Koiné, the student yearbook of Connecticut College for Women. It has been divided into sections for ease of access.

To download a copy of the entire book, use the "full-text" link - these files are large and may take some time.

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New London, CT


Due to an optical character recognition (OCR) error in scanning, some names may not appear in search results. We have included these names below for purposes of discovery:

Caitlin Call Goodwin

Devon Coughlan

Lissette Suarez

Charlie Pendleton

Leslie Goodwin

Ricky Prahl

Kimberly Hunter Kellogg

Rachel Ilene Reiser

Tracey Frances Vallarta

Nancy Ross

Ellen Traynor Christian

Joan Brazier

Ann Christy

Claudia Marr

Amanda Hathaway

Catherine Beatty

Chuck Meyer

Karen Fortuin

Tom Diggs

Lisa Addario

Victoria Shaw

Patricia A. Driscoll

Stephen J. Crowley

Raymond F. Skoglund

David L. Newman

Gregory S. Pilgrim

Linda Garcia-Abrines

Christopher O'Hara

Sandy Hays

John Zuckerman

Ken Langevin

Joe Carbe

Sal Blangiardo

Tim Smith

Randy Kline

John Anderson

Mark Kahn

Marty Scasserra

David Newman

Brett Fain

Jon Krane

Greg Pilgrim

Nick Brown

Nora Olsen

David Tagger Brundage

Tim Heap

Scott Joyce

Andrew Sanzenbacher

Leo Junquera

Dave Guerrera

Cona Marie Grange

Mary Malinda Polk

Lisa Marie Allegretto

Mario Laurenzi

Joann Petrossian

Rebecca Marshall

Amanda Geller

Minnie Tate

Millie Lerner

William G. Perrin III

James H. Gellert

Gregory J. Flieschmann

Jenny Hills

These digital collections have been created from historical documents that reflect the sensibilities of creators in historical times and may contain opinions, language, images, or other content that modern readers may find offensive. The Lear Center and Connecticut College do not endorse the attitudes expressed therein. The Lear Center presents these documents as part of the historical record and recognizes the imperative not to alter it. In some cases, it may be possible to add notes or comments correcting verified errors, but these exceptions will not be applied in a way that changes the appearance of the authentic record.

Koiné 1990