Koiné 2005



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This is a digitized version of Koiné, the student yearbook of Connecticut College. It has been divided into sections for ease of access.

To download a copy of the entire book, use the "full-text" link - these files are large and may take some time.

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New London, CT


Due to an optical character recognition (OCR) error in scanning, some names may not appear in search results. We have included these names below for purposes of discovery:

Elizabeth Ellen Cockrell

Amy Catherine Angell

Laila Hochhausen

Anna Magliaro

Jennifer Rachel Ludgin

Elizabeth Marwell

Jenny Rose David

Caroline Eliot

Christopher Civali

Jenny Hammell

Jacob Stebel

Katie Chisholm

Paige Diamond

Cecily Mandl

Kathryn Bailey

Adam Kaufman

Erika Berlinghof

Jillian May

Gillian Stumpf

Hanif Perry

Tiffany Krempely

Kaili Goslant

Johannah Blackman

Lanna Semel

Hadley McLoughlin

Liza Colby

Alison Lesht

Emma Wolman

Jennifer Harris

Stacy Lam

Owen Kloter

Aim Sinpeng

Virginia Li

Lisa Ann Smee

Caitlin McIntosh

Inessa Simanovich

Jennifer Huizenga

Ashley Solad

Lauren Trapido

Lindsey Andrews

Kathryn Baga

Anne Barreca

Heather DeBari

Laurn Engst

These digital collections have been created from historical documents that reflect the sensibilities of creators in historical times and may contain opinions, language, images, or other content that modern readers may find offensive. The Lear Center and Connecticut College do not endorse the attitudes expressed therein. The Lear Center presents these documents as part of the historical record and recognizes the imperative not to alter it. In some cases, it may be possible to add notes or comments correcting verified errors, but these exceptions will not be applied in a way that changes the appearance of the authentic record.

Koiné 2005