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Winter 2008


CC: Connecticut College Magazine is published by Connecticut College. The magazine's mission is to maintain ties between the college, its alumni and all other constituents, and to report on issues of importance to these groups.


  • Scholar-Athletes Excel in Academics and on the Field: Twenty-five students made NESCAC's 2007 Fall All-Academic Team
  • Bodies in Motion: What Keeps Alumni Athletes Competitive: They run or ski, ride horses or bikes, but they all have one thing in common: the drive to win - Tracy Teare '87
  • The Psychology of Debt: Professor Stuart Vyse's new book explores the factors that make it so hard for Americans to live within their means and save - Theresa Sullivan Barger
  • First Person Singular: Taylor Katz '08 documents a year of dorm life, poetry assignments and international study - Patricia M. Carey
  • On the Green List: Tedd Saunders '83 is helping the hotel industry set environmentally friendly standards - Stan DeCoster
  • Gender in Architecture: Behind the Blueprints: Students of Professor Abigail Van Slyck examine the cultural subtexts of historic Chicago landmarks
  • The Craft of Editing: Andrew Wagner '95m editor of American Craft, brings new energy and a new perspective to the 67-year-old magazine - Doug Royalty
  • "War/Dance" Triumphs: A powerful documentary about Ugandan children and the horrors of civil war has earned Sean Fine '96 more than a dozen honors - Mary Howard
  • Cinderella's Revenge: Students put their best shoes forward in Professor Maureen McCabe's studio art class
  • Letters and contributors
  • President's page
  • Notebook
  • New fitness center
  • Science Leaders Program
  • Women's Center
  • Winthrop Scholars
  • CCAC anniversary
  • Postdoctoral fellowship program
  • David Dorfman
  • Mentoring program
  • Construction award
  • Nicole Porter '08
  • MLK service awards
  • Reunion 2008
  • Charles Stone '08
  • Ink
  • Lives
  • Class Notes

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