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Northampton, MA

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I interned at a community center day program specializing in supporting teens and adults with disabilities called Milestones. Milestones provides inclusive assistance for those of all abilities while subsequently offering opportunities for skill development, promoting social interaction and encouraging independent learning/self advocacy. By participating in this program, individuals are able to engage with the community and form meaningful relationships with their peers. This program is centered around a comprehensive and innovative curriculum that gives young adults the tools they need to advance their social skills, engage in physical exercise, and enhance their life skills. Milestones day program offers a variety of skill-building activities and classes such as (but not limited to); boundaries and relationships, cooking class, money management, karate and walking classes, and how to use transportation. The participants are able to pick classes that best align with their interests and they have the opportunity to change their schedule/pick new classes at the beginning of each session. As an intern, my responsibilities included helping supervise classes, assist when/where needed, engage in one-on-one aid, as well as help lead group activities. Working in this type of environment allowed me to utilize my multitasking skills and enhanced my ability to work under stressful conditions, which permitted me to become a more well-rounded and empathetic person in general.


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