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Brooklyn, NY

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As a Design Intern, I engaged in a dynamic and transformative experience that significantly enriched my understanding of the design industry. This internship, situated within the vibrant environment of Buckethead Productions, offered a comprehensive immersion into the realm of visual artistry and creative problem-solving. Through a diverse array of projects, ranging from conceptualizing brand identities to designing for high-profile fashion events, I honed technical skills in Adobe Creative Suite while cultivating an acute eye for detail and aesthetics. Moreover, this role required a high degree of adaptability and effective communication, both crucial for collaborative success within a fast-paced creative team. Additionally, my liberal arts education provided a solid foundation in critical thinking, enabling me to approach design challenges with innovative and strategic solutions. This internship experience has not only furthered my proficiency in design but has also ignited a passion for brand development and a commitment to ethical and inclusive design practices. Ultimately, this internship has been instrumental in shaping my aspirations towards a future career in design, where I envision leveraging my skills to create impactful and visually compelling solutions for diverse audiences.



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