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New London, Connecticut, United States

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In this paper, I reflect on my internship at Anele Productions based in Rome, Italy during June and July 2023. Anele is a film production company that focuses on documentaries, docu-series, and biopics that center around influential characters that represent Italian culture. They mostly collaborate with Rai Cinema and other production companies around Italy. The project I worked on this past summer was Italo Calvino nelle città visibili, which pays tribute to the noteworthy Italian author and his novel Le Città Invisibili who was born exactly 100 years ago. I was put in touch with this production company through Italian film director Davide Ferrario, who co-wrote and directed this upcoming documentary. I spent the majority of my internship in Rome at the Anele Productions office preparing for production, while the last two weeks of July were dedicated to shooting in Rome, Turin and Sanremo.


The views expressed in this paper are solely those of the author.