Abdullah Khan

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Ancient Corinth, Greece Belmonte in Sabina, Italy

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Centro di Conservazione Archeologica (ACI) is a commercial company that works on government contracts to save monuments, artwork, and archaeological sites. The methodological tenets of preventive conservation and conservation in the site are used by CCA in its work. It has developed and promoted the use of traditional methods and materials for conservation from the very beginning of its operations. The goal of CCA's conservation programs has always been knowledge sharing and they have always been accessible to the public and the media. This four-week intensive program, which is held in Italy and Greece, combines academic instruction, practical archaeological restoration experience, site excursions to historic cities and sites, and visits to museums of both ancient and modern art. As a participant, I worked in preserving the Panaghiya site, conducted fieldwork, attended lectures, and visited historic sites under the tutelage of Professor Alchermes, Professor Pelletier, and the ACI Team.


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