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Eskalen Laboratory, Plant Pathology Department, University of California, Davis, CA, USA

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I undertook a research project in the lab to investigate the epidemiology of apple canker fungal pathogens (Diplodia species) at different temperatures through mycelium growth and spore germination rate. I also helped out with pretty much all other projects in the lab: application of fungicides for biocontrol agent studies for powdery mildew and botrytis (grapevine), extension work (receiving samples from farms in CA, isolating fungal and bacterial species to diagnose the cause of diseases, extracting DNA and sequencing pathogens), Ghost canker pine fungal pathogen study (fungal inoculation in trees), Pierce’s Disease Biocontrol agent trial (treating the vines and rating the disease), nursery biocontrol agent study on grapevine (isolation of treated nursery plant to identify pathogens present in the samples), strawberry ratings for study on soil-borne pathogens, farm visits and field days for sample collection and learning/teaching, greenhouse strawberry study with soil-borne pathogens and bacterial biocontrol agents.


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