About This Journal

Teatro, is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal founded in 1992 by Dr. Angel Berenguer during his Spanish Literature professorship at the University of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid, Spain). It has had two previous stages:

  • 1992-2007 (UAH)
  • 2007-2012 (Cátedra Valle Inclán/ Lauro Olmo at the Ateneo of Madrid)

In its earlier stage it specialized primarily in research on the theory, history and practice of theatre, although always paying special attention to the theoretical models related to the socio-cultural genesis of artistic language and their interdependence. As you can see in the catalog of the journal, as well as its collections of texts and criticism, this vision was the axis of its scientific and academic commitment.

Given this background, the following step fell naturally into place in 2012, under the executive direction of Dr. Luis González (Connecticut College) Teatro moved its headquarters to the United States and began a new phase developing further its distinctly interdisciplinary and international character. Teatro is published annually with occasional special issues.

We’ve maintained its name because it reflects well the spirit of its origin and better presents the new scenario of its trans-cultural objectives, which include all the artistic and theoretical languages that can shed new light on the understanding of artistic creation.

In this new stage we seek to include all areas of research covered by cultural studies, without geographical or period limits, accepting articles focused on the analysis of any of these fields: cinema, literature, music, plastic arts and mass media, among others.